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My name is Victor 

Since 2008 I was a Body Guard/Chauffeur for celebrities and other VIP clients, I’d be picking them up guarding/protecting them. Around 2015 I was hired by a couple club owners to drive them around and do the norm after a few weeks of being in the club scene and seeing bartenders and DJ’s i started thinking why not try something new and so one day I asked one of the club owners I knew If it be possible If i can practice behind the Bar and what happened.? I loved it..!!

The vibe, the people, the atmosphere that a really great bartender creates for his 



Fast Forward to


During the Pandemic I landed a job at 

MAMA POR DIOS THANKS to David who didn’t even know me at the time from kings Bartending a very good friend of mine we along a few other bartenders helped create their drinks for the menus and we realized the Crafty, fancy delicious Cocktails that our customers loved and enjoyed.

Now 2023  Liquid Night Life Bartending Services LLC is officially Branded and fully licensed/Insured and with a solid team of over 5 highly Experienced,Skilled

Bartenders/Mixologists that along with me aim to give the Real Full Open Bar experience with a wide variety of Cocktails to choose from.


PS thank you to my solid team for striving and hanging in there with me and to all our old and future new clients with our you

Liquid Night Life Bartending would not be what it is today.

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